Friday, May 26, 2017

My toughts on "Ill health begins in the mind" and "Real learning does not happen in the classroom"

On this week's Debates class, we investigated the topic "Ill health begins in the mind" to discuss in class.
This statement has always seemed to me as a truth because I have read and heard many times that being in a certain mood (for instance, sadness or rage) can generate different changes in your body (such as an increase or decrease in your cardiac rhythm, a change in your body temperature, etc.). 
During this debate, my opinion regarding this affirmation has stayed the same, if not reinforced, due to the remarkable arguments my peers presented to defend the statement, which nurtured my knowledge about the topic.  

We also discussed the statement "real learning does not happen in the classroom", which, in my opinion, is complete nonsense. What does "real learning" mean?. In my view, this type of statements that somehow try to say that schools/teachers are useless seem utterly ridiculous to me because most of them do not take into account the willingness of the student to learn and that, in my opinion, is the main factor which determines how much a person can learn.

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