Thursday, June 1, 2017

Debate Class 1/6

What is normal is decided by the society we live in
I dare say that I am in agreement with this comment because each society has their own thoughts, beliefs and rules. These orders, that should be obeyed, are not the same in all societies. What is normal is to follow them. For example, in a determined society a man can have only one wife. Meanwhile in other societies men can have several women at the same time. So, for this societies this seems normal because they are accustomed to and because it is a different culture.
In addition, I really liked what Rochi said that being "normal" is what you decide and you are not mandatory to follow them all (only the ones you prefer)

To sum up, as each civilization has their own characteristics, what is natural for one, may not be natural for another. Tradition is what most people dictate and continues throughout the time.

Pets are for people who don’t have children
I am in contradiction with this statement because I think pets are a great companion and also a distraction for people of all ages. Moreover, dogs in special are excellent to keep the house safe as they are highly protective.              
For certain types of pathologies, some psychologists recommend to have pets in their homes to help their children as part of the treatment. For example, the affection of the pets, it is showed that help blind people and autistic children.

Having pets help us to respect, love and protect them but, above all, to make us aware that everyone’s life is worth living with dignity. 

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