Sunday, July 2, 2017

Wednesday 28th class

Even though most of my classmates and I had a similar or the same viewpoint. I found interesting knowing that there were  many of my classmates who agreed on selling guns legally. Furthermore, i was pleasantly surprised when we started talking about the vibrations of the atoms of living beings, and how emotions or the feelings of animals before death can affect these vibrations and the nutrients humans get from the meat. In addition it was affable to discuss the well known and thought-provoking documentary "if slaughterhouses had glass walls".

Thursday, June 22, 2017


Resultado de imagen para american beauty quotes

With great confidence in your ability to appreciate (precisely) the beauty of AB, it is that I decided to share it with my braves in class. Not only did you look involved in its plot and funny moments but rather you seemed to enjoy it all along. As this is essentially an honest project, I do not expect you to make a thorough analysis of its most striking aspects, let alone an in-depth cover of its characters, though you are free to do so if you will. As you let the movie seep into your conscious mind, you might choose to follow whatever road that most interests you. In class, I suggested themes, though you may feel inclined to follow the process of research and then comment or viceversa on any issue, deciding to contrast what you read with what you felt or still feel about certain issues. Needless to say, I hope you are able to pick your brains and delve into your hearts to make your contributions. Those not present are most welcome to watch it on their own and become part of it. Big hug.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Wednesday 14 class

I benefited a lot from last class in terms of knowing many positive aspects of very controversial topics ,may I add, that i was not aware of before. Regardless of the negative aspects of the statement, Prostitution should be legalized, I am still a firm believer of legalizing this action as a job in order to prevent many persons, both female and male, from getting STDS and having proper working conditions.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Debate Class 1/6

What is normal is decided by the society we live in
I dare say that I am in agreement with this comment because each society has their own thoughts, beliefs and rules. These orders, that should be obeyed, are not the same in all societies. What is normal is to follow them. For example, in a determined society a man can have only one wife. Meanwhile in other societies men can have several women at the same time. So, for this societies this seems normal because they are accustomed to and because it is a different culture.
In addition, I really liked what Rochi said that being "normal" is what you decide and you are not mandatory to follow them all (only the ones you prefer)

To sum up, as each civilization has their own characteristics, what is natural for one, may not be natural for another. Tradition is what most people dictate and continues throughout the time.

Pets are for people who don’t have children
I am in contradiction with this statement because I think pets are a great companion and also a distraction for people of all ages. Moreover, dogs in special are excellent to keep the house safe as they are highly protective.              
For certain types of pathologies, some psychologists recommend to have pets in their homes to help their children as part of the treatment. For example, the affection of the pets, it is showed that help blind people and autistic children.

Having pets help us to respect, love and protect them but, above all, to make us aware that everyone’s life is worth living with dignity. 

Friday, May 26, 2017

My toughts on "Ill health begins in the mind" and "Real learning does not happen in the classroom"

On this week's Debates class, we investigated the topic "Ill health begins in the mind" to discuss in class.
This statement has always seemed to me as a truth because I have read and heard many times that being in a certain mood (for instance, sadness or rage) can generate different changes in your body (such as an increase or decrease in your cardiac rhythm, a change in your body temperature, etc.). 
During this debate, my opinion regarding this affirmation has stayed the same, if not reinforced, due to the remarkable arguments my peers presented to defend the statement, which nurtured my knowledge about the topic.  

We also discussed the statement "real learning does not happen in the classroom", which, in my opinion, is complete nonsense. What does "real learning" mean?. In my view, this type of statements that somehow try to say that schools/teachers are useless seem utterly ridiculous to me because most of them do not take into account the willingness of the student to learn and that, in my opinion, is the main factor which determines how much a person can learn.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Debate class

Mainly, we dealt with two topics yesterday: “Ill health begins in the mind “and “Real language does not occur in a classroom”, with which I’m in agreement. Regarding the first statement, our mind and our body are interconnected, in fact the brain is part of our organism, and so, taking this into account, I dare say that our mental state has an impact on our body. In other words, our emotions affect us physically. For instance, when we feel worried, stressed, anxious, afraid or guilty, those emotions weaken our immune system, which can trigger a number of sicknesses, such as colds, digestive disturbances, chronic aches, high blood pressure or heart attacks. In regard to the second affirmation, from my point of view, it is not that we do not learn in a classroom, we do so, but we are taught about subjects we are uninterested in which if we do not want to devote ourselves to a job which it’s necessary to know about one of them, then it will be useless for us to study about the history of Egypt for example. Moreover, if those subjects are indifferent to us, we will study for an exam and probably we will forget about what it was about in one month.  Though, out of school we do learn, throughout the experience of life, how to live in society, the values or how to react to different situation because there does not exist a book about any of those topics that school will send us to read and beacuse is something that is not learnt by reading but through actions and mistakes. 

The last statement we talked about said that women should be treated in a certain way. I totally disagree with it because, as many of my peers said, we all must be treated equally. 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Wendesday 17 debate

Throughout the whole debate I agreed with both of the statements that were presented: "Homework should be banned" and "Poverty is a state of mind". I personally find the second statement to be more interesting and more wide to discuss. Even though we did not came up with a conclussion for the first statement I really enjoyed doing research for it and mentioning my reasons for why homework should be banned. I completely agree with one thing one of my classmates mentionated which was "Homework should be reduced but not banned", although it was not the statement provided in class I found it really interesting to discuss.