Wednesday, May 10, 2017

"All people should become vegetarians"

I was unfortunately absent to today´s class, however I have some oppinions I would like to share about this topic. Firstly, being vegearian isn´t just a simple decision about saving animals lives, it is a decision about your life and your health. By becoming a vegetarian, you are denying to your body vital nutrients that are essential for our physical development. Even though many vegetarian consume pills in order to replace this missing vitamins, it´s not the same taking pill than eating a piece of meet. On the other hand, the survival of our specie has always involved killing species that are less developed than us. If we think about it, this behavour is comppleteely unfair, but things have worked like this for the past million years and it is almost imposible to change a whole society´s mentality just beacuse a reduced group of people consider it ridiculous to kill an innocent animmal in order to survive.

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