Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Debates class

In today's class, we discuss the statement "All people should become vegetarians". I found today's class quite interesting, since most of us could nurture from the research we had all made.Furthermore, I was able to be acquainted of my classmate's viewpoint. I also  realized that what for some may not be ethical for others may be accepted as correct or moral.

1 comment:

  1. Regarding to the statement we have deal with today “All people should become vegeterians”, I still have the same posture. I am in disagreement with it because, even though each of my peers made some interesting points, I believe that the fact of following a diet in which you are unable to eat meat, brings you plenty of consequences. Firstly, keeping a diet based on vegetables will not provide you the quanity of nutrientes required for the maintenance of your body, such as B12 vitamin, saturated fats, proteins and iron. As many of my mates said, those nutrients can be obtained by taking supplements or eating lentils for instance, but I dare say I do not see the need of consuming them when you can eat meat and get all those nutrients just in a piece of it. Moreover, the loss of meat may make you suffer from some diseases, commonly from osteoporosis or anemia. Another point that has been mentioned today is that our body is designed to eat meat and the eating of this food is part of the cycle of life as well. Finally, I want to add that when we feed ourselves with vegetables and fruits we are also ingesting chemical pesticides.