Thursday, May 25, 2017

Debate class

Mainly, we dealt with two topics yesterday: “Ill health begins in the mind “and “Real language does not occur in a classroom”, with which I’m in agreement. Regarding the first statement, our mind and our body are interconnected, in fact the brain is part of our organism, and so, taking this into account, I dare say that our mental state has an impact on our body. In other words, our emotions affect us physically. For instance, when we feel worried, stressed, anxious, afraid or guilty, those emotions weaken our immune system, which can trigger a number of sicknesses, such as colds, digestive disturbances, chronic aches, high blood pressure or heart attacks. In regard to the second affirmation, from my point of view, it is not that we do not learn in a classroom, we do so, but we are taught about subjects we are uninterested in which if we do not want to devote ourselves to a job which it’s necessary to know about one of them, then it will be useless for us to study about the history of Egypt for example. Moreover, if those subjects are indifferent to us, we will study for an exam and probably we will forget about what it was about in one month.  Though, out of school we do learn, throughout the experience of life, how to live in society, the values or how to react to different situation because there does not exist a book about any of those topics that school will send us to read and beacuse is something that is not learnt by reading but through actions and mistakes. 

The last statement we talked about said that women should be treated in a certain way. I totally disagree with it because, as many of my peers said, we all must be treated equally. 

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  1. Hello! Although I couldn't attend to the class because I was ill I agree with the statement "'ill health begins in the mind". First I am in agreement with the statement as I have read a book that talked about the feng shui more known as the balance we need in our lives, that is to say, that you need to have a balanced between your body and mind. For instance, when you face hard situations that give you stress, depression or fatigue it is probable that you will face an illness. our minds control everything. If you have negative thoughts you will be sad and desmotivated. ANtoher example is when adults face many stressful situations and finally the end with hard illnesses.