Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Hello mates, and Dean, I want to share my opinion about the exercises done and the topics discussed with you. 
To begin with, I was pleased with the result of the last activitie we have been doing for the last weeks, in which we had to discuss personal topics with each other, each one of us had to give a rough and ready argument about certain topic. In the positive aspect, it helped us improve our "improvisation skills" (it helped us think faster). About the negative things, it's difficult to think about many "counter"-answers, in such short period of time.

About the topic discussed today; Everyody should be vegetarians, I was completely against this statement because, no matter what they said about proteins and vitamins being part of vegetables (and fruits) the iron you can find in lentil, IS in the same amount you can find in meat, BUT it is not the same kind. It was said by a nutricionist on the radio. Besides that, we are homosapiens, and this "type" of human being is omnivorous, we would we change that? Furthermore, vegetarians don't eat meat because they want to decrease the amount of animals killed and the pain they suffer, but they eat chicken eggs, cows milk and other stuff that still come from animals. How do you know cows or chicken don't suffer when farmers take their eggs from them or milk them everyday. That is kind of hypocrite.

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