Wednesday, May 10, 2017

My views on "all people should become vegetarians"- Santiago Ortega

Today, may 10, we discussed in class the statement “All people should become vegetarians”. During this debate, many interesting ideas were examined, such as the pain that the living beings we eat suffer or the reasons why do people become vegetarians, among others.
My view about this topic has slightly changed during this utterly fascinating argument, mainly because I would not hesitate to eat what I had in front of me when meat was served, even though I still strongly believe that vegetarianism is not the best diet for humans, it certainly has its benefits (for example, less fat consumption) and one can choose what they want to eat as long as it does not harm them, in other words, the same way some people become vegetarians because they disliked the taste of meat, people have the ability to eat animal-based products as much as they want to.

As a side note, we were asked to "draw a conclusion" and, for a comedic relief, I did this:

Given the condition that the video does not work, try this link

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