Thursday, May 18, 2017

Dead Poet´s Society follow up

The Dead Poets Society, the Next Day...
Write what happens in the sequel to the movie. What does the
future hold for Mr. Keating and the boys?
Dead Poets Society - Supplement to Movie. Use your imagination, kids, make hypothesis as to the future of these people based on whatever you saw in the movie...


  1. In my opinion, I see a lot of positive affect for Mr. Keating and his boys. One of them could be the opportunity of meeting up with the teacher secretly in the cave. Another could be, how they raise and educated their children in the future, as they experienced the tragic suicide of their friend, cause by one of the members for his family. Furthermore, the school would change as society change over the years. This would not happen quickly but slowly as new teachers came in, bringing with them a different way of teaching.

  2. From my point of view, Mr Keating will travel to England, where his lover is, after being dismissed from his job as the only reason why he was at that country was to teach at Welton. Regarding the boys, I don’t wonder that any of them try to commit suicide as well, especially Todd who is the one who most suffered for Neil’s death. As their parents still don’t intend to accept their sons’ ideal lives, they might consider Neil’s attitude as a solution to it. Or they may try to talk with their parents about the activites they take pleasure in, which do not coincide with the ones their fathers and mothers want them to devote themselves to. To sum up, I believe they will shadow Neil’s steps. However, I don’t think Welton Academy will change its way of teaching neither their parents their way of thinking because of that, this will change because society will develop afterwards.

  3. In my view, after they stand up on the benches they will get spanked and return to their normal lives expected to pretend like nothing happened, which is what happened to Nuwanda after the phone call prank. Speaking of, I would like to see how Charlie is doing after he was expelled from the academy. Also, I'm interested to see how Todd is doing after all of this; his favourite teacher and best friend are gone, so he has nothing to look forward to; he will fall in despair eventually. I'm curious to find out how he carries on with his life and gets over Neil's death, which I don't think is something he would ever get over completely. At some point I think they will try to communicate with Keating, maybe he would leave an address for mail so they can send letters. Having said that, the thing I'm most concerned about is if they will still be continuing with the Dead Poets society.

  4. In my view, Welton continued having the same 4 pillars, Tradition, Honor, Discipline, Excellence. They never questioned anything about their teaching methods. They saw Mr. Keating as the responsible of Neil´s death, so they did not see nothing wrong in the way they imparted education.
    The Keating boys continued with Dead Poets Society meeting, reading poems, telling stories, watching nude magazines, smoking cigars, playing the saxophone, and always remembering Mr. Keating.
    Everyone except Todd finished school in Welton. Todd changed school the following year, and then he continued studying Literature and he became a famous poet.
    Mr Keating did not teach for a pair of years, he was still shocked about Neil´s death. He worked in a library selling and recommending books. When he felt better he returned his English Literature classes.
    One day when he was reading the newspaper he saw a new about Todd Anderson, he was candidate for the Nobel Prize of Literature, he smiled…

  5. In my opinion, the boys who defended Mr Keating would recive a suspension but won´t be expelled. Although Mr Keating is no longer in school, they will keep in touch with him and continue no develop tehir own personality and way of thinking. I dear say one of them could commit suicide since they have Neil´s example to follow. Moreover, I believe Welton would not be have a pleasing atmosphere after what happened, it would become more tightly with traditions and following the rules. This would lead Neil´s friends to either commit suicide or become brave enough to talk with their parents and get out of Welton. To sum up, I imagine a predicament between the left members of the Dead Poet Society and the school.

  6. During the end of the movie, the thoughts of what would the future bring to Keating and the boys from the DPS had not crossed my mind; I believe the movie is better without thinking about a continuation for it, although it would be interesting to have these ideas in mind.
    In my view, Keating, after the events of the movie, would leave the USA and go live to London with his partner and find another school to teach in.
    The boys, on the other hand, will be very affected by Neil's death and might never get over it, or they might use it as an example to become stronger and start chasing their dreams, like art or certain sports.
    In general, it is difficult (at least for me) to imagine how the life of a person will be. There are many aspects that are impossible to predict and, therefore, it is complicated to reach an accurate conclusion.

  7. From my viewpoint, it will be very difficult for the characters (Keating, Charlie, Knox, Pits) especially Todd to overcome Neil’s suicide. Such a traumatic experience cannot be forgotten very easily. Even though, it may take them some time to move on from this dreadful experience, everyone will eventually pull themselves together and carry on with their lives. I particularly see Keating returning to London and starting a family with this woman he was in love with. It would be very alluring if all of the boys set their hearts on their true dreams and chase them. Trying to honour Neil’s legacy and his memory. Particularly Todd who would be so touched by Keating’s words and classes that would become a teacher himself, nurturing his students with morals and values that will make them I better persons and a thinkers, not business mans or bankers. However, Welton would continue to being the same traditionalist school that would steer their students’ lives and shape them into the ideal gentleman. The dead poet society boys will be remembered in Welton for ages, as those who tried to break the system and separate themselves from the social fabric of that place. Those brave young boys who somehow ceased the day.

  8. It is my firm belief that Keating is going to leave the school and the boy’s lives because of the terrible accident happened. He could not tolerate the idea of Neil’s suicide was partly his fault. Keating will have a miserable life, always trying not to think of this death. He will try to teach in other school with the usual method and leave behind his own habits. The boys will support Keating and some of them might be expelled. However, they will keep in touch with him.

    Moreover, I believe that some parents will be thinking of changing their children into another school and “beginning” a new life. But their parents won’t understand that the adventures with Mr Keating and their best friends will always be remembered in their minds.

  9. From my point of view, things would be completely different from how they were before Neil´s suicide. Even though it´s hard to ignore the pain regarding to Nail´s death, the characters have to move on with their lives. As Mr Keating was previously fired from the academy, he looks for a job in another institution. Luckily, he is accepted in the University of Harvard, and he settles there. On the other side, the boys manage to finish their studies at Welton´s, even though the classes, weren´t the same without Mr. Keating. We would think that the Deaths Poets Society is over, but destiny reunites the professor and the boys once again. The boys apply for Harvard University without knowing that Keating worked there, and luckily, they manage to ace in the exams and make their way in. Occasionally, they run into their beloved professor in one of the hallways and a new adventure begins.

  10. Personally, I imagine the characters in a future where their children study what they want and do not make the same mistakes as their parents. In addition, after Mr Keating´s death, Todd becomes a teacher with the same teaching methods of his deceased professor. Finally, Welton Academy´s directors were dismissed and replaced by others whose objectives were to encourage students to study what they want.